Merger with Northwest Federal Credit Union

Update: April 1, 2019

The proposed merger with Northwest Federal Credit Union has been approved. On Saturday, March 30, 2019, the merger vote passed. Constellation Federal Credit Union members voted overwhelmingly in favor of the merger, with 1,859 votes in favor and 111 votes against. We would like to thank you, our members, for your vote on the merger, and we are very excited for this next step. We will work to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for our members as we proceed with the merger.

As you may have noticed, bonus dividends have been deposited to share accounts as of April 2, 2019. These bonus dividends were distributed to members who paid loan interest in 2018 or who received dividends on savings accounts in 2018. These members received a bonus dividend of 670% of the total dividends received on all their share accounts, including share certificates, in 2018, and an interest rebate of 67% of the total interest paid on all their loans in 2018. 

Update: February 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce that on February 22, 2019 the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) approved our proposal to merge with Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU). The next step requires membership vote and majority approval to proceed. All members aged 18 or older will receive an information packet and ballot in the mail in the coming days, and are encouraged to attend the 75th Annual and Special Member Meeting on Saturday, March 30 at 9:00 a.m., during which a Q&A session and vote will be held. You may submit your ballot by mail (must be received no later than March 29, 2019) or in-person at the Annual & Special Member Meeting. 

January 31, 2019
Dear Members:

On behalf of the Board of Directors (Board) of Constellation Federal Credit Union (CFCU), we are pleased to announce that we are pursuing a merger with Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU).

CFCU has remained financially strong, however the continued decline in membership since the loss of our sponsoring agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, combined with the need to stay current with technological changes, prompted the Board to evaluate numerous alternatives for a healthy financial future.

Finding the right partner was a long and thoughtful process that took many factors into consideration. We selected NWFCU because it’s a highly successful and rapidly growing credit union with years of experience serving members who are very similar to CFCU’s. NWFCU is a federally-insured institution that manages $3.4 billion in assets and serves 270,000 members at 10 branches throughout the Washington Metropolitan region. Merging with NWFCU will provide you with many more choices for loan and deposit products, as well as ancillary benefits, such as investment and retirement services. NWFCU made a commitment to retain 100% of the CFCU staff, who will provide high-quality, personalized service. You will still benefit from the Member Loyalty Program and have access to our current locations in addition to all NWFCU branches. For a list of NWFCU locations, products, services, and other information, visit

An application has been filed with our federal regulator, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), to grant permission to merge. Within 60 days of NCUA approval, CFCU will host a member meeting that you are encouraged to attend to address questions and vote on the merger. We are confident that if you vote “yes” to approve the merger, you will be pleased by the level of commitment, service, and value you will receive from NWFCU.

A third-party agent, Clifton Larson Allen (CLA), will send notice of the member meeting by mail along with a voting ballot if you are unable to attend the meeting. At the meeting, CLA will tally in-person and mail-in ballots to determine if the merger passes and if so, NWFCU will become our credit union.

Please check your mail in the coming weeks for notice of the member meeting if NCUA approves the merger. In the meantime, visit our website,, for Frequently Asked Questions about the proposed merger. CFCU and NWFCU Boards are excited to form this partnership and we hope you are too.


Bobby Josephson,
President and CEO, CFCU
Cindy Taylor,
Chairperson, CFCU Board


If you have questions about the proposed merger, please contact us by phone at 1-800-826-3818 x1310 or email at

NWFCU has generated a Welcome page for CFCU members with links to helpful information about their products services.