Secure Your HELOC Rate Until 2020!

Avoid the possibility of rising rates with a CFCU Home Equity Line of Credit!

CFCU Home Equity Line of Credit | 3.75% APR | New Money Only!

No Closing Costs*! | No Rate Adjustments until January 1, 2020!

This promotion ends October 31, 2017.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. For new loans only, no closing costs. If the loan is closed or refinanced within 24 months, borrower is liable for all closing cost paid by CFCU. Borrower is responsible for all closing costs when refinancing a CFCU loan. Additional restrictions apply. Please contact a loan officer for all details relating to any of our loan products. The Home Equity Line of Credit allows members to pay 'as you go'. You only pay for what you borrow. Your credit limit can be accessed over and over again. Enjoy affordable monthly payments amortized up to 240 months.

  • Financing is available up to 95% of the current home value. Restrictions apply.
  • Minimum Line of Credit is $25,000 with a maximum of $800,000.
  • The Home Equity Line of Credit has a variable interest rate and is tied to the WALL STREET Prime rate with a Margin of 0%; the rate subject to adjust quarterly with a floor rate of 4% and a maximum rate of 14%. The quarterly rate will not increase more than 2.00% and the lifetime rate will never go over 14.00%. New Money Only. For more information please refer to the Home Equity Early Disclosure.