Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help run a business with over $200 million in assets and over 8,000 members?
Do you want to help others meet their financial goals?
Are you looking for a way to use your skills and talents to give something back to your community?
Are you interested in helping to set the future direction for a dynamic organization?

Become a Constellation FCU Volunteer!

Constellation Federal Credit Union volunteers do all that- and much more! As a member-owned financial cooperative, Constellation relies on member volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. Volunteers ensure financial soundness and guide strategic and policy decisions in a wide variety of areas including technology (i.e, website, online banking), branch deployment, product development, marketing and member services. By becoming a Constellation FCU volunteer, you can help your credit union continue to grow and respond to members' needs. Volunteering also provides an exciting opportunity to learn, develop business and leadership skills, and network with others. Constellation volunteers are an integral part of Constellation's success.

How Constellation FCU Volunteers Serve

Volunteers who come together for the sole purpose of representing the best interest of Constellation's members are the cornerstone of what makes credit unions unique. Our volunteers enrich the lives of all the members they represent, and enhance their own leadership, management, and financial skills.

Board of Directors: Board members are elected to three year terms of office by Constellation's membership at the annual meeting. They set future strategy, develop policies, oversee Constellation's financial security, review the CEO's progress in achieving goals and objectives, represent the interest of the entire membership, and report to the members at the annual meeting. In addition to attending monthly board meetings, directors have opportunities to serve on committees and task forces and to receive free training and education on issues important to the credit union and its members.

Supervisory Committee Members: Committee members are appointed by the Constellation Board of Directors on an annual basis. The Supervisory Committee verifies credit union records, monitors financial controls and procedures, and works with Constellations' internal auditors and external audit firm. Committee members typically meet on a monthly basis, and have access to free training and education to help them fulfill their role.

How You Can Apply for a Volunteer Position

As you can see, the Board of Director and Supervisory Committee are very important to Constellation's success. For the reason, we ask the applicants meet all the following important qualifications:

  • Membership in good standing with CFCU
  • Favorable credit rating
  • At least 18 years of age and bondable
  • Available for all monthly and occasional special meetings
  • Willing to attend planning sessions and training programs at the credit union's expense
  • Able to work as a team member
  • Not a relative or family member of or in a significant relationship with a CFCU employee, Director, or Supervisory Committee member.

If you would like to purse this exciting opportunity, please submit the application below.

For more information about becoming a Constellation Federal Credit Union volunteer, please send an email to volunteer@constellationfcu.org.


Additional qualifications and responsibilities are included in each job description:

Board of Directors Job Description
Supervisory Committee Job Description
CFCU Board of Directors often ask members to serve on committees such as:

  • Policy and Procedure
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Annual Membership Meeting Committee

Application for CFCU Volunteer

What Volunteers are saying

"Serving as a director of Constellation FCU provides great personal satisfaction because of the high caliber of people with whom I interact and the good things that the credit union does to serve its members. I also have the opportunity to improve my financial, business leadership, and strategic thinking skills."

"As a Constellation volunteer, I have a unique opportunity to utilize my skills and experiences to serve my fellow credit union members and the community at large. My interaction with other Constellation volunteers, staff, and members allows me to continue my personal and professional growth."

"Volunteering for the credit union has not only been a very challenging experience, but also self-rewarding. Working with my fellow committee members as one great team ensures that we all are looking out for the members' best interest, along with making good business decisions. I look forward to continuing to serve the members of Constellation."

"Being a Board of Director volunteer at Constellation has been a challenging and rewarding experience. Keeping the members' best interest in mind while making decisions needed to run a successful growing credit union has enhanced my personal growth. In addition, I have had the opportunity to learn about the industry outside of my chosen career path."