Mobile Banking

Now, with your web-enabled wireless device, you can access your accounts anytime, anywhere with CFCU's Mobile Banking. There is no registration necessary. Simply go to on your mobile device to get started. With Mobile banking you can :

  • Deposit checks (download our CFCU App on any iPhone or Android mobile device to view mobile check deposit instructions)
  • Check account & loan balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Make Billpay payments
  • Locate the nearest ATM or Branch Location

Text Message SMS Notifications

The new CFCU Text Message Notifications lets you securely check your account balances and transactions via a simple SMS text. There has never been an easier and faster way to stay on top of your finances... and it's FREE*! To enroll follow these simple steps:   

Step 1 - Login and Activate
Log into Online Banking and select the Notification tab to sign up.

Step 2 - Verify Your Phone
Enter your cell phone number and accept the terms and conditions. You will receive a text message with a unique activation code that you'll need to enter to complete the process. This ensures that it's your phone number and it's in your possession. Once verified, select your primary banking account and you're done!

Step 3 - Start Texting
With your phone set up, just send a text to 454545 whenever you want. A response will be sent right back to your phone.

Available Text Message Banking Commands:
BAL (Primary account balance)
BAL ALL (all acct balances)
LAST (last 5 trans on primary acct)
BAL CHK (balances of all checking accounts)
BAL SAV (balances of all savings accounts)
STOP (unenroll from service)
HELP (send info on the commands, how to use)

You must have access to Online Banking to use Text Message Banking. 


Text Message Banking is secure. Enrollment can only be completed after securely logging in to Online Banking. Additionally, an activation code is texted to the phone number while logged in to Online Banking. Thus, verifying that the phone number provided belongs to the user.     

Please note: When you change wireless carriers (example- move from Verizon to AT&T) and are keeping the same phone number, there will be a delay of 37 days to reactivate SMS banking. Once the 37 day period has expired you can then opt-in with the new carrier. You can also contact your carrier to confirm how many days are remaining before your mobile number is fully ported.

* There is no charge for Text Message Banking; standard text message rates apply.  Check with your provider for specific fees and charges.