Constellation Ambassadors play an important role at CFCU.

Whether you refer a family member, a coworker, or engage in casual conversation,

Ambassadors share and believe in The Credit Union Difference.

An Ambassador is an advocate for Constellation Federal Credit Union. They communicate with employees of the credit union, and shares the credit union advantage with their coworkers. Constellation's Ambassadors believe in the Constellation Federal Credit Union benefit. It's a fun and easy way to volunteer, network and help others!

 The CFCU benefit is the belief in The Credit Union Difference. CFCU is a not-for-profit financial institution, offering the most competitive rates around. As a credit union, we are people helping people- offering the best service and products to make your life more convenient.The best part is- once you are a member of CFCU,you are a member for life- even if you move, transfer jobs or retire. 

Current Ambassadors, please use our Ambassador Toolkit below to help promote services. Please email if you need further materials.