The Opportunity to earn higher dividends, with the freedom of making withdrawals.

The Money Market Account (MMA) is a high yield SAVINGS account that earns a higher rate of return than the regular share account, but restrictions apply.  This type of account requires a minimum balance to earn dividends.

Types of Money Market Accounts

MAPPERS MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT – The minimum balance requirement is $2,500
GALAXY ACCOUNT – The minimum balance requirement is $20,000

  • Dividends are calculated based on the average daily balance method. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly. Dividends are paid to the account on the first day of each month.
  • A minimum daily balance of $2,500 on the Mappers Management Account to earn dividends.
  • A minimum daily balance of $20,000 on the Galaxy Account to earn dividends.
  • Rates can change monthly.


  • Minimum Withdrawal is $100.00
  • Minimum Deposit is $100.00
  • This account is subject to the Federal Reserve Regulation D, which limits certain transactions to a maximum of six (6) per month.For more information, please refer to the account Regulation D Chart.
  • Three checks may clear your account per month (this is part of the maximum six (6) transactions per month per Regulation D).
  • Shares in MMA may not be pledged as collateral on any loans.

The terms of this account may change with 30 days’ notice.

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